Wellheads Specialist & Designer, Consultant in Oilfield Completion Equipment Surface & Subsea, Elastomerics Seal Design & Metal-to-Metal. Serving local and International Manufacturing Oilfield Equipment's Companies and Shops in general. As part of our work policy "We meet our customers needs as part of a long term business relationship, at no extra cost or compromise"; delivering engineering service of quality that meet, or exceeds our customers expectations.

More than sixteen years of uninterrupted work experience in Design & Manufacturing of Oilfield Completion Equipment, using the best technologies available at this time, CAD resources, and Industrial Standards (API 6A,6D,12,17) ASME (III;IX) NACE MR-01-75, ANSI  Y-14-5M. Also we are delivering technical assistance on site for closer contact with our customers, helping them to implement inspections, repair products, technical manuals writing.

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Casing Head Section 11-5000 PSI WP w/two slab gate Valves Model SLBG 2-1/16-5000 PSI WP and 40" Base Plate w/08 Gussets PSL-1 /PR-0

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Tubing Head Section 13-5/8-5000 PSI WPx11-5000 PSI WP w/two 2-1/16-5000 PSI WP STD Outlets with three slab gate Valves Model SLBG 2-1/16-5000 PSI WP & Accessories PSL-1 / PR-1


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As part of the services offered to our Customers Daniele Molaro Consulting is proud to offer Technical Service and Engineering Assistance for Shops and Large Industrial Manufacturing Oilfield Suppliers to Manufacture Flow Control Equipment. Valve like the one shown on left is slab gate type, non rising stem, backseat ability allowing seals and packing to be replaced with the Valve in Service on line. Designs per API 6A,6D and working pressures from 2,000 PSI WP up to 5,000 PSI WP.


      For more and detailed specifications please contact us. New E-mail: country45ve@yahoo.com

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