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8.1 Temporary Guide Base  (TGB)


When a well is at the early stage of drilling operations the Temporary Guide Base (TGB) like the one of the left is usually the first optional piece of equipment being deployed, it has four lifting eyes and is attached to the drilling ship or platform by means of lines , basically it can act like a casing string centralizer as you can see in the picture, where the casing string is in white 30" Dia.. The TGB also has a dead load compartment  as you can see, and a funnel gimbal receiver on top of it to accommodate the next stage of equipment the RGB, or a RRGB. There are some cases that this piece of equipment is not able to be used, it will depend on the conditions of the seabed; and a high deviation of the casing string makes almost impossible to use it. At the time of the cementing stage of the conductor there is a piece like the one shown on the right in white this is a Running Tool attached to a Cementing Head that accommodates on top of the Casing Housing shown below. 


The Casing Housing is basically a low pressure containment piece that supports the next piece of the completion which is the Wellhead and all the casing and tubing hanger inside. In the pictures below is the piece in gray color in white color is the Cementing  Head.


Once the cementing process of the casing follow under course the situation of the operations are approximated to the figures shown below, where the main connection with the ship rig is thru the riser tube structure and in this moments crew on board pump cement mix to fix and stabilize the 30" OD Casing , the ROV is monitoring the operations. As noted there is a second structure involved at this moment that slides between four lines and has four posts the name of it is:  Retrievable and Re-Runnable Guide Base (RGB) in the next page is a brief comments about it.




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