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8.  Subsea Wellheads and Completions

In the 60' when the big structures and platforms where launched in the Gulf of Mexico the technology made a huge steep to help find oil  in the bottom of the sea, where conditions to operate and maintain this huge structures are rigorous and expensive. The actual situation on how to address the oil exploration in such hostile environment, and at the same time obtain a good profit from it, is one of the major goals of all oil companies that are immerse in this projects; they spend lot of millions in dollars (and Euros) in exploration with the actual cutting edge technology and when the appropriate location is reached, and confirmed the presence of significant amounts of oil (also in some cases are also gas or mixture of both), that makes the reservoir exploitable they makes a mark with a buoy and RF transmitters on the seabed, at the same time let a sand bag over  the location, also a GPS helps in track exactly where the location was found. About the depth in the ocean that is now reachable there are two definitions basically: between 500 mt.(1,640 FT.) and 1,500 mt.(~5,000 FT.) is considered as a Deep Offshore; and between 1,500 mt.(~5,000 FT.) and 3,000 mt.(~10,000 FT.) is known as Ultra Depth Offshore. In first place after this forewords it is pertinent to say that Subsea Wellheads and Completions uses a special accepted terminology that in some way is the key to communicate inside this industry, so I want you to have a change to examine my brief but consistent compilation of abbreviations and terminology that you can access clicking this link: abbreviations & terminology . The breakdown of pieces described in sequence ahead are usually used in drilling  Deep Offshore and there is four lines used to deploy this pieces as well as to guide tools and BOP Stack down into the ocean for that reason this systems are called Guideline System, because they use this four high strength steel lines. There is also another way to deploy and control the drilling operations of a well by means of a Guidelineless  this is a non four steel wires system controlled, and is used when a Ultra Depth Offshore well is being drilled. The reason is simple because is too depth to control the good tension of this wires, excess of buoyancy , depth ocean currents that make almost impossible the control of the operations. For this special situation there is another solution the Guidelineless System a big funnel that is installed on top of the Wellhead Housing making more easy the installation of the BOP, Christmas Tree..

Due to the complex of this issue I considered to address it in a simple way making a sequence of operations briefly mentioned in which you can click the link and open it up. Every one of the links is related to a virtual offshore location used to show each operation.



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