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Thank you for visit my WEB site hope you'll find interesting material for your information in Surface Wellheads and Subsea Wellheads and Oil Completion in general. Basically this WEB page is to announce and promote my services as a Wellheads Specialist & Designer, Consultant in Oilfield Completion Equipment Surface & Subsea, Elastomerics Seal Design & Metal-to-Metal. Serving local and International Manufacturing Oilfield Equipment's Companies and Shops in general. More than sixteen years of work experience in Design of Oilfield Equipments Surface and Subsea as well as  Oil Completions.

As part of our work policy "We meet our customers needs as part of a long term business relationship, at no extra cost or compromise"; delivering engineering service of quality that meet, or exceeds our customers expectations. Is a commitment of our organization to satisfy the customers in a prompt and timely manner, giving them the support demanded, applying for this purpose the best state of the art technology available and all International Standards applicable, to deliver a consistent and prompt answer. I accept jobs national or international located, prior to contract evaluation and acceptance.

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