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Abbreviations & Terminology


           Abbreviation                                                Definition

           AMV                                    Annulus Master Valve

           AWV                                    Annulus Wing Valve

           BOP                                     Blowout Preventer

           CCM                                    Central Control Manifold

           CJTA                                   Control Jumper Termination Assembly

           CLS                                     Control Logic System

           DH                                       Direct Hydraulic

           DHPT                                  Downhole Pressure/Temperature Transmitter

           DHSV                                  Downhole Safety Valve

           EDP                                     Emergency Disconnect Package

           EDU                                    Emergency Disconnect Unit

           EH                                       Electro-Hydraulic Multiplex

           ESD                                     Emergency Shutdown System

           FPS                                     Floating Production System

           FPSO                                  Floating Production Storage and Offloading

           GGB                                    Guidelineless Guide Base

           HP                                       High Pressure

           HPU                                    Hydraulic Power Unit

           IWATS                                Installation Workover Autonomous Test System

           IWOCS                                Installation Workover and Control System

           LMRP                                  Lower Marine Riser Package

           LRP                                     Lower Riser Package

           MDU                                    Mobile Drilling Unit

           MIV                                      Methanol  Injection Valve

           PETU                                   Portable Electronic Test Unit

           PGB                                     Permanent  Guide Base

           PLC                                      Programmable Logic Controller

           PLEM                                   Pipeline End Manifold

           PWV                                     Production Wing Valve

           RGB                                     Retrievable Guide Base

           ROV                                     Remotely Operated Vehicle

           RRGB                                  Retrievable and Re-Run Guide Base

           RTU                                     Remotely Telemetry Unit

           SAM                                     Subsea Accumulator Module

           SCM                                     Subsea Control Module

           SimOps                               Simultaneous Workover & Production Operation Scenarios

           SPAR                                   Seagoing Plattform for Acoustical Reserch

           SPS                                      Subsea Production System

           SSTT                                    Subsea Test Tree

           TGB                                     Temporary Guide Base

           THRT                                   Tubing Hanger Running Tool

           TLP                                      Tension Leg Plattform

           TRT                                      Tree Running Tool

           UFL                                      Umbilicals and Flow-Lines

           UPMV                                   Upper Production Master Valve

           WHPU                                  Workover Hydraulic Power Unit

           WSCM                                  Workover Subsea Control Module

           WOCS                                  Workover Control System

           XOV                                     Cross Over Valve


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